Multi-Channel E-Commerce Platforms

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Things to Look for in a Multi-Channel E-Commerce Platform

Shopping for multi-channel e-commerce software can be overwhelming. With so many options to choose from, it’s hard to decide which platform is best. However, if you apply a few basic and important criteria to your search, you’ll be able to narrow your choices (and improve your success) considerably.

While, admittedly, all of these criteria match GoECart, we recommend them based on our extensive experience with multi-channel e-commerce companies. We’ve witnessed the triumphs of companies who follow retail best practices as well as the challenges of those who adopt less successful strategies.

We highly recommend you seek a multi-channel e-commerce software that:

  • Integrates all functions. There are so, so many reasons why it is better to manage all your business processes from one dashboard. Not only does it simplify many functions and save you loads of time, it also allows you to integrate all sales channels, locations, and information so you can have access to key metrics in real-time across all company activities at any given moment.

    Imagine having the ability to easily orchestrate and implement cross-channel marketing, advanced inventory management (IMS), shopping carts, high-level customer relationship management (CRM), warehousing, order management, reporting and analytics, in-store POS, and so much more – all from a single, seamlessly integrated dashboard.

    The issues you can avoid by adopting this type of multi-channel e-commerce platform are endless. And the power this type of system provides to maximize your company’s potential is astounding. This one decision can help you to cut costs, improve your customer service, avoid expensive mistakes and reduce waste, save on staff, reach more customers, skyrocket sales and conversions, increase productivity, and always have a clear vision of everything happening within your company.

  • Is cloud-based. Today, choosing traditional software (as in, a product you install at your location) is an outdated approach. The internet-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) model is an exciting development for companies for a number of reasons.

    A cloud-based multi-channel e-commerce software is a truly outsourced solution. This option won’t require the IT staff necessary to maintain, troubleshoot, and keep pace with updates that would be necessary with old-fashioned, licensed software. GoECart provides companies with tremendous savings by taking care of all of this. Plus, our automatic updates ensure your company will have accelerated access to the latest innovations, giving you a competitive edge.

    A cloud-based platform like GoECart also means you can access your functionality and metrics from anywhere in the world, 24/7, empowering managers, allowing unparalleled collaboration, and letting your company tap into a global talent pool when seeking employees.

    Our on-demand technology architecture guarantees our ability to handle whatever traffic your site encounters, so you’ll never lose sales opportunities due to poor site performance.

  • Is highly scalable. As a retail business, your goal is probably to grow your sales. It is important to keep this in mind when choosing your multi-channel e-commerce software. Often new companies will purchase numerous different cheap softwares that will do the job as they are starting out. However, once they begin gaining some traction and sales get rolling, they find that utilizing these multiple systems becomes cumbersome, inefficient, and more expensive than using one easier, better-integrated software. Instead of effortlessly accommodating the new sales, these companies encounter numerous problems and challenges.

Want to learn more about GoECart’s multi-channel e-commerce platform? Contact us to find out how controlling all your business functions from a single dashboard can save you time, money, and hassle – and dramatically increase your company’s profitability.