Multi-Channel Integration

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Achieve Multi-Channel Integration with GoECart

Here at GoECart, we consider e-commerce and multi-channel integration to be like a symphony. To make beautiful music, you need masterful orchestration and coordination of many different moving parts. You wouldn’t have a conductor for the brass section, then another for the woodwinds, another for the strings, and yet another for percussion.

Similarly, in e-commerce, you shouldn’t have separate systems for shopping carts, order management, customer relationship management, shipping, inventory, merchandising, marketing, analytics, reporting, and all the other parts of your business processes. (At least, not if you want to be as competitive as possible.) Yet the vast majority of e-commerce systems on the market approach only one or a few of the parts of the e-commerce process.

Because so many e-commerce businesses are struggling with a cumbersome collection of multiple systems, many of them are dealing with the same issues.

Some of the common issues we see when a company has not achieved multi-channel e-commerce integration include:

  • High costs.The initial price of each individual system, plus subscriptions, maintenance, and upgrades can really add up!
  • Integration issues. Accomplishing integration of many systems and functions can be difficult, expensive, and sometimes impossible.
  • Too many systems. Often, new customers who come to us tell us that having too many systems is hurting their growth, margins, and productivity.
  • IT requirements To support and maintain all these separate systems, companies often need an extensive (and unnecessary) IT staff.
  • Migration issues. Insecure migration of data from system to system leaves room for errors and opens your business up to security risks.
  • Do not provide a clear picture. If all data from your various processes is not automatically integrated into one analytic tool, you can never have complete, real-time knowledge about the performance of your business.
  • Accessibility. You should be able to access your functionality and data anytime, anywhere.
  • Multi-channel communications issues. You’re not the only one who utilizes multiple channels -- your customers do, too! By not efficiently communicating with your customer base across all channels, you’re either wasting resources or missing opportunities.

Let GoECart Solve All Your Multi-Channel E-commerce Integration Issues!

GoECart is an all-in-one, fully integrated e-commerce platform that lets you manage every aspect of your business from one dashboard. That’s right – your entire business from one dashboard.

Our system utilizes a single date sources, yet includes all of the systems you might need, from e-commerce basics to shopping carts to inventory management to CRM to warehouse management to marketing – and so much more, all across multiple channels.

By utilizing the GoECart platform to ensure all of your retail channels are truly integrated, your company can:

  • Reduce costs – too many different software and time spent trying to make them play together, along with too many IT issues and staff members can make operating with multiple systems far more expensive than simplifying your business by using one robust system.
  • Improve customer service – make sure they can get the answers they need and solve any problems they encounter as quickly as possible.
  • Enhance the customer experience – make their visit to your site more pleasant, more personalized, more interactive, and more in-line with their tastes.
  • Increase sales – better service, better marketing, better fulfillment = higher sales.
  • Reach more customers – tap into the world’s most extensive sales and media channels to reach the people most likely to buy your products.
  • Personalize communications – speak directly to customers’ unique needs, interests, and desires.
  • Streamline key processes – accomplish more in as few steps and with as few resources as possible.
  • Improve inventory management – ensure all numbers are correct across all sales channels and locations.
  • Improve decision-making – improve your insight into your business by ensuring you have on-demand access to key metrics.

True Multi-Channel Communications

Multi-channel communications is about more than just talking to customers in a variety of ways. It’s about personalizing that communication. It’s about delivering your customers messages on their terms. It’s about harnessing a system that allows for real-time decision-making so you don’t miss important opportunities to cross-sell and upsell. And it’s about harnessing the power of the wealth of insight you can collect from these channels to more effectively manage your business and nurture relationships with customers.

GoECart will help you achieve multi-channel communications in the truest sense of the term. By automating logical workflows and communications across multiple communications and sales channels, you will be able to reach the right customers with the right messages at just the right times – helping your company to dramatically increase your profitability!