Top Unified Solutions: Multi-channel What can happen when a multi-channel e-commerce operations fails to take a unified ecommerce approach

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What’s happening today

The unified ecommerce world is evolving faster than some experts had anticipated. At GoECart we had our eyes fixed firmly on the horizon; as we built a solution that met today’s needs, we also engineered solutions that would meet the needs of tomorrow. While the first ecommerce sites focused on front end sales, marketing, merchandising and customer experience, forward-looking multi-channel ecommerce solution providers improved back office functions in optimization of fulfillment, shipping, logistics and customer service. SMBs that prepared for unified ecommerce are doing fine; however, some are struggling along with legacy solutions and patch worked siloed applications that just don’t work as well as a multi-channel commerce software solution can.

What’s happening to those companies without multi-channel commerce software

Many businesses have separate applications for inventory management, ecommerce, email and social media marketing and on and on. These tools, point solutions or applications attempt to work together by sharing data; each siloed application contributes to the overall performance of the patch worked system as a whole. However, if even one of the disparate point solutions or applications is imperfect or ineffective, the overall system suffers as a result, leading to bad customer experiences and eventual negative impact on sales and revenues.

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link” is an apt metaphor when considering the issues involved with sharing data across siloed applications. Siloed data (ranging from revenues figures to attribution to shipping and more) is a barrier to gaining business insights as well a roadblock to a consistent customer experience. To transform into an effective omnichannel business and conduct successful unified ecommerce, you need to break down the data silos.

What you need to conduct truly unified commerce

Today’s SMB s needs an omnichannel ecommerce platform, that combines mobile-optimized ecommerce storefront technology with enterprise-class order management and inventory management, fulfillment and warehouse management, customer relationship management (CRM), Point of Sale capabilities and much more.

GoECart 360 offers comprehensive technology solutions that give SMB clients a competitive edge, and the thought leadership and expert professional services needed to ensure rapid implementation while keeping clients at the forefront of unified commerce.

Key Features of GoECart 360:

  • Award winning Ecommerce Platform
  • Multi-Channel Order Management System
  • Advanced Inventory Management & Warehouse Management
  • Seamless Integration with Leading Online Marketplaces
  • In-Store POS
  • Mobile Optimized Experience