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GoECart Achieves FitForCommerce Verification

April 8, 2016, Bridgeport CT - GoECart, the leading provider of unified commerce solutions for merchants, announced today that it has completed the rigorous FitForCommerce (FFC) Verified Program. The company achieved the verification after a thorough review of its enterprise ecommerce platform met FFC’s stringent verification criteria.

A recognized industry leader, FFC conducts evaluations of ecommerce platforms, fulfillment services, interactive agencies, mobile services, PIM, and order management systems. FitForCommerce Verification or “FFC Verified” is a structured evaluation process by which a certified analyst reviews claims and proof points for pre-defined features and capabilities important to an ecommerce website and business. FFC verification is a recognized industry standard evaluation method.

GoECart provides a unified commerce suite that includes all of the technologies required for both B2B and B2C merchants to be successful across multiple channels. Ecommerce, POS, mobile, order management, inventory management, CRM, and end-to-end e-marketplace integration are all included in its enterprise commerce suite, GoECart 360. In addition, the company extends its platform by collaborating with a best-of-breed “Partner Ecosystem” that reads like a who’s who in ecommerce today.

“GoECart is committed to offering the most comprehensive ecommerce solutions that are affordable yet truly best of breed and enterprise grade,” said Manish Chowdhary, GoECart’s CEO. “The ‘FFC Verified’ certification is yet another testament to the tremendous quality and value GoECart provides its clients in delivering ecommerce capabilities that are best in class. FFC verification is an industry standard in ecommerce and we are proud that GoECart has successfully completed this exhaustive process.”

About GoECart

GoECart provides a complete commerce platform, GoECart 360, which enables emerging brands and established merchants to manage all aspects of unified commerce-from ecommerce, multi-channel order and inventory management, and in-store POS, to marketing, merchandising, e-marketplaces, fulfillment, and customer service. GoECart eliminates technology and integration hassles, allowing businesses to run better and grow faster. Additionally, GoECart’s cloud-based delivery model delivers on the rewards of software-as-a-service (SaaS). These include zero investment in infrastructure, no integration headaches, free upgrades, and affordable, pay-as-you-go pricing.

About FitForCommerce

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