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GoECart Ecommerce Merchants Cash in With Google Checkout

Award-Winning Ecommerce Solution Helps Online Merchants Streamline and Improve Checkout Process

Bridgeport, CT - August 20, 2007 - GoECart is pleased to announce the formal integration of its leading ecommerce software solution with Google Checkout, providing merchants with a simple, effective, and complete checkout and shopping cart system. Instead of a lengthy and tedious checkout process comprised of three to five steps, GoECart’s integration with Google Checkout helps merchants complete a sales transaction in one simple step.

One-Click Ordering

Many online checkout processes involve tracking down a valid credit card, reviewing shopping cart for verification, and then providing billing and shipping information. Online shoppers can easily be discouraged by all of the steps involved, and often abandon their shopping cart altogether. Google Checkout integration with GoECart prevents this by implementing a one-click ordering process.

Improved Shopper Safety and Fraud Protection

Google Checkout enables customers to store all billing and credit information within the secure Google checkout server, and simply complete their transaction with a single click. What’s more, Google Checkout integration with GoECart allows online merchants to complete customer transactions with a simple and secure checkout process. Google Checkout’s fraud prevention tool is another valuable benefit of the system. And Google Checkout’s Payment Guarantee helps to protect all consumer information and even filter out deceptive transactions.

Increasing Checkout Efficiency and Lowering Transaction Costs

An efficient shopping cart system is an important criteria for all streamlined ecommerce websites, and GoECart has captured key elements of the shopping experience—these include ease of use, efficiency, and lower costs for transactions. Merchants also benefit from lower sales processing costs., the leading on-line Restaurant Equipment and Commercial Kitchen Supplies Company, is one of the first GoECart powered online stores to offer Google Checkout as an online payment option.

"We have partnered with GoECart to develop a customized e-commerce solution that affords our customers a delightful online shopping experience and quick checkout", said Elliot Friedman, President of "In addition to faster checkouts, Google Checkout also offers a level of security for both the customer and the merchant."

In addition to improved shopping experiences, GoECart offers competitive transaction fees with the Google Checkout system. With the holidays quickly approaching, Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) is becoming a direct competitor with PayPal, the company which that developed the PayPal Express Checkout system as another convenient online payment system for existing retailers and merchants. This competition is encouraging many retailers to shop for the lowest rates and transaction fees when integrating their online payment services. GoECart is optimized for Google Checkout, PayPal Express Checkout, and Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) Payment services, and may also be valuable for eBay (Nasdaq: EBAY) retail merchants.

Lower transaction fees and competitive rates are just a few benefits of the GoECart and Google Checkout relationship. GoECart is also extending a Google Adwords program offer of $10 in free transactions for every $1 spent on search advertising on Google Adwords.

Google Adwords Advertising Opportunities

Making the shopping process easy is a necessary goal for successful e-tailers. Today's competitive online shopping platforms demand efficiency and privacy for consumer data, and Google Checkout is an ideal match for all GoECart merchants. GoECart merchants can now sign up for the free Google Checkout account through GoECart's own URL, and each merchant will also receive $50 in Adwords credit as an added bonus. GoECart merchants can now take advantage of a streamlined system to provide flawless transactions for their customers.

GoECart is the most search-engine-friendly ecommerce solution available today, offering merchants a full hosted and feature-rich shopping cart solution for their websites. GoECart’s business model focuses on providing the most cost-effective and high-performing processes for businesses to excel. The addition of Google Checkout is a necessary step to meeting the goals of today’s online merchants as they improve their websites for efficiency and complete customer satisfaction during the shopping process.

About GoECart

Founded in 2000, is a recognized leader in the ecommerce industry. The latest version of the company’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, GoECart 7.0, powers hundreds of ecommerce web sites. The company serves a diverse customer base ranging from small- and medium- sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies that include the likes of Bose®, Tommy Hilfiger®, and Burger King®. GoECart's innovative set of features and revolutionary search engine friendly architecture have earned the company numerous awards.