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Greenwich Entrepreneurs interviews GoECart CEO Manish Chowdhary

GoECart's CEO Shares Knowledge and Experience with Other Local Entrepreneurs

Recently, Manish Chowdhary, founder and CEO of GoECart was interviewed by Greg Skidmore and Pedro Ramirez of Greenwich Entrepreneurs. Listen along to this podcast, where Manish covers topics such as search engine optimization, spending habits, customer expectations, and the future of ecommerce. Learn more about the history of our company and our humble beginnings, and how we grew into the best-of-breed ecommerce solution that we are today.

Because of his expertise in areas ranging from ecommerce, entrepreneurship, business strategy & execution, and online marketing, Manish Chowdhary is a highly sought out speaker who is often helps other entrepreneurs learn and grow their businesses. By empowering local entrepreneurs, GoECart strives to improve and contribute to our local community

"A lot of our merchants are coming from an existing online store, and they have hit a bottle neck or they are not able to grow further. What’s happening is that expectations for your online store are driven by some of the larger sites on the internet like and because as a consumer, you expect the same kind of performance and the same kind of sophistication from any website that you go to."

"That is where GoECart shines. We provide the right point of technology, infrastructure, and services to help merchants sell more."

Greenwich Entrepreneurs airs Fridays at 9:30 – 10:00AM (Eastern) on News Talk AM1490WGCH.

Listen to the podcast here:

Gregory Skidmore is the President of Belray Asset Management, which uses the asset allocation techniques of university endowments and pension funds to focus on serving their clients' best interests. This institutional investment process seeks to: reduce conflicts of interest, lower fees, improve communication, decrease volatility, fund future needs, and increase predictability of returns.

Pedro Ramirez, Jr. is a successful Weath manager, at Belray Asset Management. There, he consults clients on defining financial goals, identifying risk tolerance and pinpointing investment time horizons. He uses this information to create custom financial plans and investment solutions. His plans and investment strategies seek to reduce risk and help clients protect their capital