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GoECart Reveals Innovative New One-Page Checkout Feature, Helps Ecommerce Merchants Increase Sales

Latest Version of Software-as-a-Service Online Store Solution Helps Web Merchants Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment

Bridgeport, CT - May 07, 2007 - today unveiled an innovative one-page checkout feature for GoECart® 7.0, the newest version of the company’s turn-key ecommerce software solution. By improving usability and making it easier for customers to checkout on GoECart-powered sites, GoECart 7 delivers a highly intuitive and elegant ecommerce shopping experience while simultaneously helping web merchants to increase sales.

“Providing an ecommerce experience that is both fast and intuitive is absolutely essential to the success of today’s growth-focused web merchants,” said Manish Chowdhary, CEO of GoECart. “By continuously innovating with customer service technologies like one-page checkout, we greatly boost the chances for our clients to succeed in the highly competitive ecommerce marketplace.”

GoECart enlisted the help of professional web usability consultants to design the single-page checkout feature's user-friendly interface. An intuitive new design ensures a checkout procedure that is easy for customers to understand and swiftly complete. While a few other ecommerce vendors, such as Volusion, Inc., offer one-page checkout, GoECart’s implementation is more flexible. For example, GoECart is the only solution that allows merchants to toggle between using one- and multi- page checkout on the ecommerce site.

A Potent Remedy for Shopping Cart Abandonment

According to recent study by market research firm, a staggering 59.8% of online shoppers abandon their shopping cart instead of following through with a purchase.

Confronted with increasingly savvy web consumers who no longer tolerate lengthy checkout procedures, clever web merchants are moving quickly to combat this “shopping cart abandonment” phenomenon. Research shows that the most effective method to reduce cart abandonment is to streamline the number of steps in the checkout process. While most ecommerce packages employ a complex methodology for checkout, GoECart’s one-page checkout feature dramatically increases the number of purchases by reducing the number of pages required for shoppers to complete during checkout.

For more information about how GoECart’s innovative one-page checkout feature can help merchants combat shopping cart abandonment, see "shopping-cart-abandonment.aspxand quick-one-page-checkout.aspx

Rapid Order Placing for Returning Customers

One-Page Checkout also makes life easier for returning customers. When a returning customer wants to make a purchase, all they need to do is sign in and enter their credit card information and select their shipping method. They can then purchase any product they want with just a few clicks. All of their billing and shipping information is retrieved from a secure database which they can choose to edit it before placing the order.

According to the Marketing Sherpa study, more than 27% of consumers surveyed stated the reason they abandoned their shopping cart was that they "didn't have time to complete the transaction." Through GoECart’s streamlined checkout process and simpler interface, merchants achieve more sales.

Complements Other Customer-Centric Checkout Features

Unlike other one-page checkout systems that are highly-restrictive, GoECart 7.0’s super-fast one-page checkout supports the full spectrum of popular ordering options already included with the software. Among these are:

  • Gift Certificates
  • Discount Codes
  • Product Reviews and Ratings
  • Gift Wrap Options
  • Fast Checkout Survey
  • Special Instructions
  • Support for Payment Methods like PayPal®
  • Installment Payment Support
  • HACKER SAFE® Certified Code

These seamless checkout features are just a part of GoECart’s overall value proposition. With its one-of-a-kind, search-engine-friendly architecture, GoECart automatically helps pages in ecommerce sites achieve optimum visibility in the major search engines like Google™, Yahoo®, MSN®, and many others. In addition, the latest version of the software combines over 250 super-friendly ecommerce software features with a highly customizable online store web site, enterprise-class ecommerce hosting (99.9% uptime), and a robust shopping experience for customers—all at a very reasonable price.

About GoECart

Founded in 2000, is a recognized worldwide leader in the ecommerce industry. The latest version of the company’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, GoECart 7.0, powers hundreds of ecommerce web sites. The company serves a diverse customer base ranging from small- and medium- sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies that include the likes of Bose®, Tommy Hilfiger®, and Burger King®. GoECart’s innovative set of features and revolutionary search engine friendly architecture have earned the company a prestigious CoDiE Award nomination for Best eCommerce Solution two