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Schedule a Call Wins Gold CQIA Award Wins Gold Connecticut Quality Improvement Award

Bridgeport, CT - October 14, 2004 - In recognition of's achievements and leadership in on-demand eCommerce services, has received a Gold Connecticut Quality Improvement Award (CQIA) Plaque at CQIA’s 17th Annual Conference for Quality and Innovation on October 13, 2004.

GoECart is a highly customizable turnkey eCommerce solution that allows merchants to set up and operate an online store quickly and cost-effectively. GoECart positions itself as one of the most comprehensive, yet cost-effective on-demand eCommerce solutions available today. Features include point-and-click layout authoring, inventory management, full integration with all leading shipping carriers, online payment processors and much more. All this is offered with 24/7 online support, secure, reliable and high-performance e-commerce web hosting and spam free email. GoECart also provides cutting edge performance focused online marketing, eCommerce consulting and custom application development services to help clients realize their full online potential even in the most competitive markets.

This year the CQIA Partnership, the State’s leader for creating and recognizing Performance Excellence in Connecticut organizations, received 111 CQIA Innovation Prize applications from 67 Connecticut organization including manufacturers, service companies, schools, universities, hospitals and not-for-profit organizations as well as local and state government.

"CQIA Innovation Prize award winners embody the critical intellect that is the foundation of Connecticut’s long-term growth", said Sheila Carmine, Founder and Executive Director of the 17-year old Connecticut Quality Improvement Award Partnership. “By applying this Connecticut Intellect, each of the prize winners is focused on helping humanity and improving our lives with novel and superior products and services, improving resource use, widening communications, enhancing education, and increasing safety for us all."

Carmine continued, "The ingenuity of these award winners attracts more talented people to Connecticut, multiplying the business possibilities, and further strengthening the reputation of the Connecticut Intellect."

All 111 CIP applications were judged by 15 Baldrige National Quality Award for Performance Excellence’s three principles of Approach, Deployment and Results, which are translated into CIP’s criteria of Opportunity, Innovation and Numerical Results. The Connecticut Quality Improvement Award Partnership’s higher level awards are the mid-level Connecticut Breakthrough Quality Award which uses just 27 questions from the Baldrige Criteria and the highest level Connecticut Leadership Award which uses the entire current Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards for Performance Excellence.

At the Connecticut Quality Improvement Award Partnership’s 17th Annual Conference on Quality and Innovation on October 13 at Waters Edge Resort in Westbrook, CT, the Partnership highlighted methods that Connecticut organizations can use to drive creativity and growth, with an emphasis on continuing quality improvement. Executives from both the 2003 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for Performance Excellence Small Business recipient and from CQIA winning organizations spoke at the conference. Contact Sheila Carmine at 203-322-9534 or for more information.