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Tasteful Garden Chooses GoECart to Cultivate Sprouting Growth

October 19, 2016, Bridgeport CT - After using the same ecommerce solution for ten years, The Tasteful Garden, realized it was time to move to an integrated commerce solution that could keep up with their increasing growth. They switched to GoECart, the leading provider of complete unified commerce platform for emerging brands and growth focused merchants.

The Tasteful Garden was looking for a full commerce suite that could integrate back office functionalities with a mobile-friendly ecommerce platform that was fast, easy, and secure for their customers to use. It was also a requirement that the new platform was integrated with all the major shipping carriers and all perishable products like live plants could be dispatched straight away, without doubling or tripling shipping costs.

Their previous platform offered a poor user experience, and lacked many of the modern functionalities they needed to run business efficiently, which made them rely on a number of disparate third-party applications that were not seamlessly integrated and would often collapse or provide inconsistent data.

“After a year of searching for a solution to satisfy our needs including visits with several vendors at the largest industry tradeshow, we thankfully found GoECart. The platform is exactly what we needed to provide our customers a superior user experience and get them the products fast” said Cindy Martin, Co-founder & CEO of The Tasteful Garden. “GoECart’s platform combines an impeccable storefront technology with inventory and order management system, 360 customer visibility, while still being user friendly.”

The Tasteful Garden ultimately chose GoECart because its home and garden industry specific features that truly differentiates it in today’s highly competitive ecommerce market. These unique capabilities will not only power revenue growth and customer retention but also deliver continuous innovation and scalability as the business grows. These features include “Shipping Start and End Dates”, which display on a calendar the available shipping dates for products during Spring and Fall ordering seasons and allows customers to choose the one they prefer; and “Split my Shipment” options for shopping carts that contain items with different shipping dates.

"GoECart is the perfect long-term fit for The Tasteful Garden. It is the most comprehensive solution on the market, while remaining very user-friendly and affordable. It offers all the advanced features and integration flexibility that the company might need in its path to growth. By running the entire business on a single system, the GoECart solution will significantly improve The Tasteful Garden’s operations, and drive both the top and the bottom line growth" said Manish Chowdhary, CEO of GoECart.

About The Tasteful Garden

Founded in 1996, The Tasteful Garden grows and sells a variety of USDA certified organic culinary herb plants and gourmet vegetable starts that are sold through their website and shipped to clients who live a healthy life style and love to cook and eat fresh, nutritious and flavorful ingredients. Located in Heflin, Alabama, all products are grown in greenhouses using old fashioned and proven organic techniques, and allowing for healthier plants and an incredible diversity of flavors. Products are sent through reliable and speedy carriers all over the United States. Customers receive their entire garden, ready to plant, in a box, delivered to their door.

About GoECart

GoECart provides a complete commerce platform, GoECart 360, which enables emerging brands and established merchants to manage all aspects of unified commerce—from b2b and b2c ecommerce, multi-channel order and inventory management, and in-store POS, to marketing, merchandising, e-marketplaces, fulfillment, and customer service. GoECart eliminates technology and integration hassles, allowing businesses to run better and grow faster. Additionally, GoECart’s cloud-based model delivers on the rewards of software-as-a-service (SaaS). These include zero investment in infrastructure, no integration headaches, free upgrades, and affordable pay-as-you-go pricing.