Shipping Deliver On Time and On Budget with a Host of World Class Shipping Options

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Customize Shipping Workflow per Your Business Model

Offer shipping options from all the major carriers like FedEx®, UPS®, and USPS®. Calculate shipping costs seamlessly and automatically. Create custom shipping methods and options according to your business model. Integrate specialized shipping requirements, such as charges for orders over 150 lbs, simple boxing, and maximum weight per box. Split shipments automatically when needed and calculate shipping costs accordingly. Create custom shipping tables by weight or order amount. Ship to international customers as seamlessly as domestic orders using country specific shipping rate tables. Completely automate calculations for international shipping rates too. Enjoy full support for UPS Online® Tools, FedEx, Endicia (USPS) and Con-way LTL Freight integration. Set default shipping options to promote your preferred carrier.

Fast and Easy Deployment of Bongo's International eCommerce Solutions

Bongo International has developed a pre-built integration between Bongo’s Checkout International Business Solution and GoECart, making it possible for merchants to implement its International Fulfillment solution in a fraction of the time normally required. The GoECart solution also supports robust certified integration with all leading carriers like UPS, FedEx, Endicia (USPS) and CanadaPost for accurate shipping rate calculation, service selection and manifest label generation. Bongo's GoECart integration enables merchants’ ecommerce sites to accept international transactions from over 220 countries without having to manage the common challenges associated with Cross Border eCommerce. Every international order gets shipped to one of Bongo's US destinations, where it is processed for export abroad.

Improve Your USPS Shipping and Reduce Costs with Endicia Integration

Take advantage of Endicia Internet Postage to substantially lower USPS shipping rates. Calculate postage and generate pre-paid, customized, and professional USPS shipping labels directly from a web browser. Get Mailing Address Verification through Endicia's Dial-A-ZIPâ„¢ patented address verification process. Verify and correct common address errors using the US Postal Service address database (both business and residential) right from the GoECart order screen before any shipment leaves your warehouse.

Keep Your Business Moving Like Clockwork with UPS Online® Tools

Keep your business moving at high speed with our certified UPS Online Tools shipping integration. Ship products quickly and easily via UPS right from GoECart. Save time and eliminate errors associated with re-keying addresses and other order details. Generate shipping labels with a single click right within GoECart admin panel - no third party software module to download or integrate. Manage shipments using the world's largest package delivery provider. Let customers review the latest shipping rates and track their order status in real time. Administer deliveries from a single web interface. Save time and money associated with providing support for advanced shipping capabilities like dimensional weights, multi-piece items like sofa-sets etc. Increase customer satisfaction

Deliver the "World On Time" with GoECart's Robust FedEx® Integration

Enjoy seamless, reliable integration with FedEx, the most widely recognized shipping provider in the world. Generate shipping labels with a single click. Eliminate the challenge of managing separate ecommerce, logistics tracking, and shipping systems. Get outstanding GoECart software integration with online shipping tools based on FedEx's next-generation web services. Improve customer service. Automate repetitive tasks. Ship to any destination. Enjoy the extra time you'll save by dramatically streamlining the shipments of FedEx packages.

Ship to International Customers as Seamless as Domestic Orders

Eliminate the headaches associated with international shipping. Completely automate calculations for international shipping rates. Create custom shipping options and rate tables for one or more countries. Sell more to international customers with confidence. Offer a more intelligent checkout solution for foreign orders. Automatically compute and display only the relevant options to customers at checkout based on their shipping address. Get precise control of the Country drop-down lists displayed site-wide. Customize the drop-down with your countries to which you are selling. Block orders from high risk countries if you so choose.

Put a Host of Powerful Shipping Options at Your Customer's Fingertips

Allow customers to view and track the status of their orders and shipments in real time and reduce support calls and inquiries. Enable them to view their own order history and obtain a history of past purchases. Give your customers the freedom to choose their preferred shipping carrier. Let them tally up costs using one or more shipping calcuators before they hit the checkout button. Eliminate surprises associated with shipping costs and reduce shopping cart abandonment. Give them the capability to track and manage multiple shipments per order such as on the major ecommerce sites like

Get Additional Shipping Support via Con-Way Freight, Canada Post and DHL Integration

Ensure your shipments arrive at their destination on time and in prime condition —regardless of a package's size, shape, or its destination—across the street or anywhere in the world. Leverage our integration with Con-Way Freight to deliver packages via freight carrier ideal for large shipments. Point and click to activate a variety of options to optimize and automate your ecommerce site for delivery via Canada Post. Ship via DHL's global delivery network to over 220 countries and territories if you so choose. Deliver the goods with an ecommerce soluition that covers all of your shipping carrier preferences.

Make Frequent Shoppers Feel Extra Special

Offer return customers "express checkout" features so they don't have to re-enter shipping (and billing) information. Store customer information and preferences securely in a handy address-book-style format so they can access it readily each time they return to your site. Simplify the shopping experience and ring up additional sales.