Multi-Vendor Drop Shipping Build Your Own Marketplace. Easily Manage Drop Ship Merchandise and Orders from Multiple Vendors

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Manage your online marketplace operations seamlessly when sourcing or representing merchandise from multiple vendors or shipping from multiple warehouses. Diversify and grow your product base without the added stress. Reduce growing pains and profit more through ecommerce technology solutions from GoECart.

Easily Manage Unlimited Vendors and Product Associations

Add new vendors quickly from the Administration Panel. Assign products to vendors in accordance with real-world arrangements in place for inventory sourcing. Enable customers to place orders spanning one or several vendors. Notify each vendor automatically about purchases.

Improve Automation through Powerful Tools

Enable your vendors to help you Sell moreâ„¢. Eliminate supply chain communications bottlenecks. With Advanced Multi-Vendor Module, you can:

  • Update vendor product inventory levels
  • Update Order Status at the Item Level
  • Manage shipping information for their items
  • Generate pick list, packing slips and shipping labels (via UPS Online® Tools, FedEx and Endicia USPS) in real-time
  • Upload/download product information in bulk using a powerful spreadsheet optionGenerate up to date reports like fulfillment status and sales reports
  • Communicate with the store administrator right within the GoECart application.
  • For even further automation, plug into our XML APIs (EDI integration) and automate the process end-to-end.

Enjoy Greater Automation for Routine Shipping Tasks

Assign each drop-ship vendor a zip code to eliminate data entry, and let GoECart auto-default to the product vendor's zip. Or go a step further and intelligently assign the closest warehouses to the customer based on their delivery address. Let GoECart automatically and intelligently calculate the shipping rates for your online business. Return the best options that make the most sense to the customer. Save time.

Assign Product-Specific Shipping Origin Zip Codes for Accurate Shipping Cost Calculation

Empower your customer with the best, most possible, and least expensive shipping options to increase sales. Ensure deliveries take the quickest route to your customer's doorstep to win loyal customers. Provide a warehouse zip code for each product SKU and calculate real-time UPS shipping accurately in real-time for each product in the shopping cart with a different shipping zip code origin. Get smarter about shipping and watch your return on investment soar.

Experience Turn-key Supply Chain Automation for your Marketplace

Forget about shuffling between multiple emails to ensure products get shipped on time. Streamline the back and forth communications involved with drop-shipping. Eliminate errors and delays associated with manual or semi-manual processes. Enjoy cost savings through robust supply chain automation.

Handle Parcel-Based Shipments with Precision

Assign separate weights and dimension values for the various items in a parcel or collection of parts for a single product. Assign unique length, width, and height values for each part. Ensure ecommerce shipping logistics match real-world logistics for parcel shipping. Let GoECart automatically calculate shipping rates for pieces that travel in separate package. Make smarter shipping part and parcel of your ecommerce marketplace operations.