Order Management System (OMS) Cloud order management software for a single, real-time view of all order demand and inventory

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A Cloud Order Management system Improves Back Office Functionality

Order management software allows you to process orders according to your exact business strategy and business model-whether direct to consumer, business to business (B2B), drop shipment, or fulfilling orders direct from warehouses across the globe. Take orders from anywhere and everywhere. Key in orders just one time. View and approve purchases using our highly intuitive administration functions. Accurately track every order and shipment from receipt to delivery. Reliably process thousands of orders per day across multiple warehouses or distribution centers. Scale your order volume without additional IT resources.

Order Management Software With Over 250 Features

Sell more merchandise with a back office order management system that lets you process hundreds of thousands of orders seamlessly. Get an order management system (OMS) that is highly scalable, flexible, and secure. Utilize GoECart as a unified commerce platform or integrate seamlessly with your existing back office systems (such as ERP and financials) through GoECart's APIs. Tap directly into your network of drop shippers, fulfillment warehouses, call centers, customer service centers, websites, payment processors and other partners. GoECart's OMS software features include:

  • Advanced order approval, routing and processing
  • Complete mail order telephone order (MOTO) support
  • On-the-fly order record modification
  • Bulk order printing
  • Automated picking lists, packing slips, and shipping labels
  • Full integration with GoECart's enterprise-level CRM capabilities
  • Advanced return authorizations including workflow approvals and routing
  • Advanced shipping integration with UPS® Online Tools, USPS® (Endicia), and FedEx®

Eliminate Multi-System Integration Headaches and Expenses

Forget about buying, integrating, managing, and maintaining an order management system that is separate from your ecommerce solution. Forget about training your back office IT personnel on using yet another desktop or client-server system. Forget about the stress associated with hooking up systems from multiple vendors. Centralize all your inventory, order and customer relationship management functions. Reclaim your focus on ecommerce operations. Ensure order management and payment processing systems work together without yet another expensive IT integration project. Simplify management of the entire order lifecycle using a single order management system.

Process, Initiate, and Approve Multi-Channel Orders With Ease

Get full multi-channel support for all of retail orders. Process all orders with the same level of ease regardless of their origin. Manage mail order telephone order (MOTO) transactions and call center orders in the same fashion as orders that originate from the storefront. Sell and fulfill orders through whatever channels you support. Manage web (ecommerce, affiliate networks), traditional media (TV, radio), telephone (MOTO), and targeted email campaigns (upselling, cross-selling, marketing to repeat buyers) in an integrated fashion like never before.

Get Up-to-the-Minute Order Status via Executive Decision Support Dashboards

Get real-time order and inventory status at your fingertips. Gain key insight into the status or all orders regardless of their status at any time. Design custom statuses based on the workflow of your ecommerce operation. Leverage a plethora of canned and customizable reports and dashboard functions to assist in decision making. Use the latest business intelligence direct from the storefront to replenish stock intelligently, inform marketing campaigns and promotions, improve customer service, and grow revenues.

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