Kount® Integration Beat Fraud and Boost Sales with GoECart’s Kount Integration

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Tap into projected $72 billion ecommerce sales market opportunity while decreasing risk. Protect your online retail investments with the leading supplier of fraud protection and sales-boosting technology, Kount Inc. Get seamless integration of Kount’s award-winning fraud prevention services with GoECart at a discount and with zero integration hassle.

Protect Your Business from the Real and Growing Threat of Online Fraud

The threat of online fraud is no joke. Consider a few basic facts:

  • In 2013, a whopping 262,813 fraud complaints were reported to the Internet Crime Complaints Center.
  • Fraudsters have better information and more tools than ever before for breaking through.
  • The trend is toward specialization and “weaponization”
  • Many fraudsters roam free with few successful prosecutions.
  • New regulations are pushing fraudsters online.

Secure your business from the alarming increase in online fraud due in part to recent hacker successes and trends toward EMV (chip-and-pin) technology in the physical world. Team with GoECart and Kount to deliver the 1-2 punch these fraudsters, thieves, and scam artists deserve.

Make Your Anti-Fraud Measures ‘Kount’

Perform comprehensive fraud control checks. Benefit from Kount’s advanced decision engine that checks an online shopper’s data against multiple variables to ensure that customers are who they say they are. Kount analyzes, in real time, hundreds of relevant variables associated with online payment activities across the globe. Its engine then uses this information to flag an order when components of a transaction appear suspicious. Leverage Kount’s multitude of proven and patented technologies to secure your business. Minimize the time and number of transactions manually reviewed due to suspected fraud. Do it in real time.

Beat Fraudsters at their Own Game

Proactively review orders, declines, approvals, and reviews to determine your fraud risk. Leverage Kount’s highly sophisticated rules engine to determine if your business has been breached. Use Kount’s cutting edge methods of device identification technology, velocity checking, proxy detection, and geo location to determine the nature of breaches and attacks. Benefit from Kount’s extensive IP and proxy detection methods to protect your business. Review multiple data points for each charge using Kount’s intelligent dashboard features. Intercept orders before they are charged! Flag potentially fraudulent orders BEFORE they are shipped. Reduce overall risks, costs, and losses caused by fraud.

Do It All While Saving Costs and Improving the Bottom Line

Enjoy easy integration of anti-fraud technology with GoECart, saving thousands in integration costs. Get great pricing on the solution too, thanks to our special partnership with Kount. Experience increased customer and brand satisfaction while you and your customers enjoy added peace of mind. Contact us today for more information about how GoECart’s unique partnership with Kount can help protect your ecommerce investment.