Is an Order Management System Worth the Investment? Calculate your ROI

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Online shoppers have more choices than ever. If they don't like one site, they can easily move on to the next—89% of shoppers have stopped buying from an online store because of a bad service experience, according to industry data compiled by the experts at Invesp. Combine that with the fact that acquiring a new customer costs 7 times as much as retaining an existing one, and it's clear that better customer service translates into real dollars and cents.

The same holds true for other areas of your business, like operational efficiency and fulfillment accuracy. Smooth operations translate to higher profit margins. More accurate fulfillment means fewer mistakes, reducing returns and emergency shipments. Order Management Systems (OMS) are designed to improve your efficiency and your service level at the same time. That translates into a real, concrete ROI.

Why you need to quantify ROI

An order management system is a big purchase, and you don't want to be left with buyer's remorse. First and foremost, you need to know that the pricing you’re looking at will be worth it in the long run. Second, you need to make a clear business case for the money and manpower you'll be investing in implementation.

Over time, the right OMS pays for itself. Hard numbers will make that case to supervisors, executives, or even your board of the directors.

How OMS delivers ROI

OMS brings concrete returns in three key areas:

  • Inventory Efficiency: OMS can ensure that stock is managed intelligently across every store, warehouse, and fulfillment center. Order routing and inventory optimization features prevent lost sales due to items being out of stock, and prevent wasteful overstocking.
  • Fulfillment Efficiency: Greater accuracy in order fulfillment and shipping translate to less lost inventory, fewer returns, and fewer lost customers.
  • Customer Service Efficiency: OMS will make your service teams more efficient in many key areas. Warehouse employees will see more efficient order assignments, packing slips, and shipping labels. Contact center representatives will be able to deliver faster issue resolution, because each CSR is armed with a single view of all orders in real time. No more transferring, calling the warehouse, or clicking through multiple systems to answer a simple question—issues are resolved faster and with fewer total interactions, allowing each representative to handle more issues and deliver better results.

Use our free ROI calculator

Download our exclusive ROI calculator today to determine how much return you'll see from implementing OMS. Simply input information about your business, and the calculator will use our proprietary industry statistics and analysis to determine your concrete ROI. Put your business on the road to greater efficiency and better performance: download the ROI calculator for order management systems now.