Seasonal Sales

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Attract Seasonal Shoppers During Off-Season

Make Seasonal Sales Face the Off-Season Downfall

Seasonal sales are transitory and receipts from seasonal products considerably thin down during off-season. By making certain minor changes in your ecommerce store, you can make your offerings survive beyond a season.

In this article, we reveal certain techniques that can be adopted to make a seasonal product contribute to your revenue in off-Seasons as well:

  • Off-Season Discounts
    Attractive discounts on products during off-seasons can compel visitors to buy from your store and maintain formidable seasonal sales level. Provide discount coupons that are only valid during the off seasons to make seasonal shoppers buy before/after the actual shopping season.
  • Free Shipping
    You can provide free shipping on the purchase of selected off-seasonal products. Free shipping coupled with reasonable discount options can make a compelling preposition for seasonal shoppers to make off-seasonal purchases.
  • Display Products in Multiple Categories
    A single product can be projected in many different ways and can carry many different usages. Display a product in multiple categories to increase the exposure and indirectly highlight the different usages of the product to the visitor.
  • Cross Selling
    You can cross sell complimentary off-seasonal products with seasonal items to increase the sale of off-seasonal products. However, you have to be very cautions in cross selling and assure that you do not sell completely non-related products.
  • Web Site Promotion Tools
    Aggressively use various website promotion tools like Newsletter, Bulk Email & Affiliate program to attract visitors to buy off-seasonal products. You can also provide special discounts to leads coming from such medium to further push the promotion.

You can use such strategies provided you are not constrained by the featured limitation of ecommerce shopping cart. It is recommended to choose a shopping cart that allows you to customize your store as per your needs with least of efforts.