Shopping Cart Abandonment Reasons and Solutions

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Reasons and Solutions to Shopping Cart Abandonment

What is Shopping Cart Abandonment?

A visitor enters the checkout process and leaves without completing the checkout process. Shopping cart abandonment suggests a loss of both orders and revenue to your business. If you suffer from a high shopping cart abandon rate, it means something is stopping customers from buying and you will have to work harder to achieve your business goals.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

The chart shows the 7 most common reasons people abandon their shopping carts. Below we will speak about each of these issues and how GoECart helps fight them.

Reason #1: High or unexpected shipping costs
GoECart Solution: The quick shipping calculator (optional) on the view cart page can help consumers view the full price of their order with shipping, avoiding any surprises further down the purchase journey. Additionally, merchants can advertise shipping promotions right below the quick shipping calculator, which helps capture more sales and even increase the size of each sale.

Reason #2: Having to create a new user account
GoECart Solution: As Amazon has taught us with its 1-click ordering process, customers want the purchase journey to be quick and easy. Having to create a new user account and enter information on a number of different fields can be a deal breaker for many customers.

On the other hand, making the purchase process simple and fast can help you get over-the-fence customers who might not buy otherwise.

Through GoECart’s platform you can allow customers to check out as guests, without having to provide personal information they might not want to give.

Reason #3: Research to Buy Later
GoECart Solution: The internet is the perfect medium for consumers who want to comparison shop. GoECart provides a quick shipping calculator (optional) on the view cart page so that consumers can quickly view the full price of their order. GoECart also allows you to add third part verification seals such as an SSL certificate, a HackerSafe seal and/or a custom message to the view cart page to help you quickly convert the comparison shopper into a buyer.

Reason #4: Concerns about payment security
GoECart Solution: GoECart's third party verification seals such as an SSL certificate, a hacker safe seal and/or custom message to the view cart page can help your customers feel more at ease.

Reason #5: Long and confusing Check Out
GoECart Solution: GoECart Solution: On most web sites consumers must fill out many pages of information in order to place an order with a merchant, this can result in frustration and many abandoned orders. GoECart's one page checkout will increase your sales by allowing your customers to quickly place their online orders.

Reason #6: Couldn’t find a coupon code
GoECart Solution: The GoECart platform will allow you to create coupons on your main page, send them through email promotions to loyal customers in your database and to even give discounts on bundles or shipments.

Reason #7: No express shipping available
GoECart Solution: Leverage GoECart’s partnerships with all the main package delivery providers, such as UPS, FedEx and USPS to ensure the quickest and least expensive shipping options to your customers.

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

And Generate More Sales with GoECart's Innovative One-Page Checkout

One-Page Express Checkout Screenshot

59.8% of online shoppers abandon their shopping cart instead of making a purchase according to Marketing Sherpa. Most merchants see this as a substantial amount of money being lost and they are looking at any possible method of capturing these sales. The most effective method of reducing shopping cart abandonment is to reduce the number of required steps in the checkout process. GoECart's Innovative One-Page Checkout will dramatically increase the number of completed purchases by substantially reducing the number of checkout pages.

What can you do to Minimize Shopping Cart Abandonment on your shopping cart?

If you're one of the many that are affected by higher traffic but low conversion rate, we suggest you go through the following set of questions and then decide your tactics:

  • How good is the Navigation of the Checkout Process of your online store front?

    Quite often, a visitor leaves the checkout process because she/he may not be comfortable with the navigation of the checkout process. Analyze the checkout process for its user-friendliness. Is it easy to Add/Update/Delete products from a shopping cart? Are the steps in the checkout process self-explanatory? Is the user getting the goods exactly as he wanted it to be? And look into such aspects that can distract the user's attention.

  • How complex is the Checkout process?

    Your visitor may move away if you give him a long and complex checkout process. Are you asking him to write details that are not required? Are you forcing her/him to enter details that he or she may not like to disclosure? Or is your checkout process appearing to be a never ending set of forms?

  • Are your Shipping Carriers Competitive?

    Unacceptable shipping rates are one of the major reasons for shopping cart abandonment. How competitive are the rates of your shipping carrier? How wide is its reach? And most importantly, at which step of the checkout process do you highlight the shipping rates?

  • Is the Invoice Information Self-Explanatory?

    The information in the invoice or billing may also lead the visitor to go away from your store. Are all changes clearly and individually mentioned in the bill? If you are giving a discount, is the visitor made aware of how much is she/he saving? & was the user previously made aware of the charges mentioned in the bill?

  • How Secure is your store?

    In the age of increasing online frauds and malicious use of credit cards, users are always looking for safe and secure ecommerce. Is your shopping cart secured with a popular technology from renowned security provider? And if your store is secure, is it communicated to the visitor clearly? Also look into other security aspects from the users point of view.

  • How efficient are you in managing Customers Queries?

    Your visitors may have queries during the checkout process and if they are not satisfactorily answered, they may leave the store. If you have an FAQ's section in your store, does it cover all the major questions that a visitor may have? Is it easily to access the FAQ's, or other policies of your store for a visitor? And more importantly, how fast do you respond to your customer queries?

  • Is your shopping cart 100% error free?

    You cannot afford to have any errors in the entire shopping process on your store. Is your shopping cart 100% Error Free..always? This is an important question you need to ask to your shopping cart provider.