The Ultimate List of Omnichannel Marketing Tips Learn How Our Clients Are Blazing New Trails in Ecommerce

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More and more e-commerce companies are maximizing their profit potential by taking a multi-channel approach. Below are tips that will help your company reap the benefits of truly unified commerce, adopt an exceptional omnichannel platform, and triumph over competitors.

Cross-sell and upsell related items.
Increase your conversions and average order value (AOV) by presenting customers with related items below the shopping cart or in other visible areas on the storefront.
Create and implement the right discounts and sales promotions.
The greatest e-commerce players stay ultra-competitive by continually switching up their discounts and offers to engage different types of customers.
Whether you have a team of 20 people working on social media or use an omnichannel e-commerce platform with robust social media features, your company should be reaping the benefits of social networking.
Make the most of transactional e-mails.
What types of e-mails offer the highest open and click-through rates of any type of e-mail? Transactional e-mails that accompany sales!
Use segmentation to group customers according to similar traits and deliver them with highly targeted messaging.
By segmenting customers, you can ensure that every time they interact with your brand, you are delivering the optimum experience that is most likely to increase your sales.
Nurture relationships with customers and prospects.
You can simplify the process by using CRM software – preferably an in-the-cloud, SaaS solution that integrates well with (or includes) all the other applications you need.
Utilize analytics to the fullest to learn who your customers and prospects really are.
To get a real feel for who your customers are, how they make decisions, and what they want from your site, you need to analyze your visitors' behavior to the fullest. Only then can you optimize your users' e-commerce experience in a way that maximizes sales.
Set up a shopping cart abandonment program.
59.8% of shoppers abandon their online shopping carts rather than completing the transaction.
Provide comprehensive product descriptions.
Be sure to highlight the product's core features and benefits, but also provide as much information as possible to make the user feel confident in their decision to buy the product.
Encourage customer loyalty by giving special treatment to repeat customers.
Every customer loves to feel like a V.I.P. Make your repeat customers feel special by sending them exclusive rewards and offers.
Highlight the qualities of the product that are most important to your target audience.
Always stress the features and qualities your unique target audience members most desire.
Make your hot-selling items most visible.
If you have a specialty item or product customers most frequently buy, make sure all customers who visit your site are aware of this product
Don't let your customers forget about you.
Be sure to reach out to past customers with steady frequency to remind them you exist and inform them of new products and the latest updates to your e-commerce site.
Surprise your customers often.
Keeping them on their toes will ensure they remain following your e-mails and social media accounts because they won't want to miss anything.
Attract seasonal shoppers during the off-season.
Send e-mails that carefully cross-sell products related to the ones they bought.
Offer an opt-in newsletter to keep in touch with current and potential customers.
Make sure that when a customer or prospect needs a product you sell, you are the company they think of.