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Problem #1 My current ecommerce solution is not (well) integrated.

Ecommerce today is like a symphony. It requires a carefully orchestrated collection of multiple components that all "play in tune" together. Instruments in this virtual symphony include Shopping Cart Technology, Order Management, Inventory and Warehouse Management, CRM, Shipping / Manifesting, Marketing, Merchandising, Reporting / Analytics, and others.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of ecommerce systems on the market today take more of a solo approach-they focus on Ecommerce Technology but then require web retailers to buy and integrate other components as add-on systems separately. Disadvantages of this multi-system approach to cross-channel commerce include:

  • Expensive (initial cost of each system, PLUS subscription/ maintenance/upgrade fees)
  • Difficult / expensive to integrate together
  • Require extensive IT staff to support and maintain
  • Insecure- migrating of data from system to system increases potential for errors and exposes considerable security risks
  • Do not provide on-demand anytime anywhere access
  • Do not provide 360 visibility into key business performance metrics

GoECart solves all these problems for merchants by providing an all-in-one, fully integrated ecommerce suite that empowers merchants to manage their entire business. GoECart includes all of the systems mentioned above (ecommerce platform, multi-channel order management, inventory and warehouse management, and CRM) and utilizes a single data source. This saves our clients thousands of dollars a year in licensing fees and integration costs associated with multiple systems, and eliminates the manual processes and considerable risks associated with migrating data manually.

"GoECart's cloud-based service handles pretty much every function related to setting up and running an e-commerce site including modules for storefront and catalogs, order management, fulfillment, shipping, inventory management and customer relationship management. "

- Heather Clancy, Award-Winning JournalistZDNet

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