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Problem #3: We have too many systems and processes to manage, which is hurting our growth, margins and productivity.

With the competition to attract online shoppers more intense than ever, merchants have no choice but to offer products at competitive prices to win customer loyalty. This is while the costs to manage and maintain back office operations continue to rise. This leads to much lower profit and underscores the need for merchants to keep operations as nimble as possible.

At the same time, the need to provide exemplary customer service is still paramount. A recent study from Harris Interactive found that 86% of customers will stop doing business with an organization after a single bad experience. This underscores the need for today's online retailers to ensure that the entire shopping experience goes smoothly.

Unfortunately, the reality for many merchants is as follows:

  • Getting the online storefront and other sales channels to sync up with back office operations is a painful experience.
  • Inventory /fulfillment systems are often completely separate from customer facing ecommerce and order entry systems, requiring manual exporting and inputting of data-and often keying in data manually!
  • Customer inquiries from multiple channels and customer service operations are often dismal, and most "call centers" do not have access to real time data about customers or order status
  • Shipping processes typically require using standalone systems, and managing returns is nothing less than a nightmare.
  • Customers have shorter attention spans and less patience when it comes to challenges with shopping online. Even the smallest delay or problem during the shopping experience is sure to abandon their shopping cart and click over to a competitor's site.

GoECart provides a single reliable system that helps merchants drive both sales and lower operational costs. In short, GoECart dramatically reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) for retail operations. The headaches associated with integrating separate systems are virtually eliminated. Data flows from customer to order to inventory to fulfillment automatically and seamlessly. Shipping and manifesting are also fully integrated. And real time access to the latest customer, order, and shipping information is always at the merchants' fingertips on-demand, enterprise-wide from any internet connected device.

"Before moving to GoECart, our team had to export sales data out of our shopping cart system and hand key it into our financial system. This process was not only time consuming but there were a lot of errors as a result! Now we are able to leverage GoECart's APIs to link our ecommerce system directly to our financial system. Plus, we love GoECart customer service and tech support -they are friendly, knowledgeable and highly responsive! "

- Erin Fischer, International Inventory Director, BeadForLife

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