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Problem #4: My current solution is not truly multi-channel

Most ecommerce systems and "shopping cart" packages provide technology that allows the merchant to sell to their customers via their own website using a traditional web browser. However, this fails to take into consideration that:

  • Retailers sell through many other channels (brick and mortar stores, call centers, mail order catalogs, online marketplaces, multiple websites, etc.)
  • Today's always-connected and empowered consumers want to buy online using their preferred devices (PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and via a variety of browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Blackberry)
  • There is a significant challenge associated with getting master data to synch up with the other systems related to these customer touch points.
  • Accurately syndicating products and inventory simultaneously across marketplaces like Amazon, eBay,, etc. and efficiently processing orders and servicing customers from these channels remains a key challenge for multi-channel merchants.

GoECart enables true, multi-channel ecommerce (aka cross-channel, all-channel, omni-channel commerce). Merchants can sell not just via their web site but also through traditional channels (brick and mortar stores, call centers, mail order catalogs, pop-up stores, etc.) using a single unified solution. In addition, merchants can seamlessly post items from their online catalog to the leading online marketplaces (e.g.,, and eBay) and comparison shopping engines (e.g., Google Shopping, and Nextag®) to maximize exposure. Moreover, customers can purchase online using internet-connected devices they choose.

For example, GoECart client uses GoECart to syndicate its 10,000+-SKU product catalog across 15 online marketplaces across US, Canada and Europe.

"After spending six months evaluating dozens of popular vendors, none came close to being as complete and reliable as GoECart. From managing inventory to processing orders to assisting customers across 15+ sales channels, GoECart 360 has immensely improved our day-to-day operations. Plus, our volume is up significantly too. "

- Margaret Kim, Dir. of Marketing, GameQuestDirect

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