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Problem #5: My current systems feel old school, and they are difficult to use.

Sadly, with a focus on fixing software "bugs" and in the rush to get the new features out to merchants as quickly as possible, many software vendors make the usability of most ecommerce applications a low priority. As a result, most ecommerce and order/inventory management software is cumbersome, unintuitive, and difficult to use requiring merchants and their employees to undergo significant training costs and time.

GoECart recognized early on that the usability of the software and its graphical user interface would be key to our clients' satisfaction and our success. Therefore, we have made a significant investment on making sure that the interface is both easy to learn and easy to use. At GoECart, we believe that a great user experience is the difference between an ordinary application and a revolutionary one. With every feature and component, we go to great lengths to ensure an enjoyable and productive experience both on storefront and on the back end. Highlights of the GoECart solution's revolutionary usability include:

  • Rich interactivity of a desktop application, but in any web browser on any operating system
  • Intuitive information architecture making everything easy to find
  • Addictively easy-to-use and clean meaningful interface
  • GoECart Smart Technology, which remembers merchant's preferences and choices all along the way
  • Fast performance to get the job done quickly
  • Lower training costs and faster time to productivity

GoECart 360's "revolutionary usability" makes it the industry's easiest to use ecommerce software. Many of our merchants have even said that the GoECart solution is actually "fun" to use. We take that as an ultimate compliment.

"We have been using GoECart for the last 3 years. It's a proven successful platform for us to sell and manage our inventory. The software modules are user friendly and our employees get up to speed quickly. We are very pleased that we chose GoECart to build our website and promote our product."

- Ricardo Espino,

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