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Problem # 2: The features on my ecommerce store front are lagging behind.

With the ever-evolving nature of the web and ecommerce, merchants face a constant struggle to keep up with the top online retailers who have the resources to innovate quickly and offer the latest technology bells and whistles to their customers.

At the same time, online shoppers have come to expect the sophisticated features they are already using on the larger sites like Amazon.comĀ®, eBay and Walmart.comĀ®.

These features include personalization, social media integration, intelligent site search and product recommendations, guided navigation, dynamic product customization, mobile device support, and others. These features are no longer "nice-to-haves" but are a necessity, and not offering them is sure to cause the merchant to lose business. GoECart provides the same powerful tools and rich features used by the Top 500 Internet retailers.

An example of a client leveraging some of GoECart's advanced interactive product customization functionality is RolleWareHouse partnered with GoECart's professional services team to build a "Custom Skate Builder" tool that lets its customer interactively configure their own custom-made skates on the fly. Skaters can choose from millions of combinations to build skates to their exact specifications. The functionality is tightly integrated with the RolleWareHouse product catalog and real-time inventory. In fact, RollerWarehouse is able to give their customers guidance on the precise re-stocking date for the items that are current out of stock because they place all their vendor purchase orders via GoECart system as well. While most competing solutions are difficult to customize and/or prohibit changes to source code, GoECart 360 provides the ultimate in technical flexibility.

Moreover, GoECart's commitment to rapid and continuous innovation ensures that our clients always remain at the forefront of ecommerce. Best of all, new features are delivered to the merchant automatically and seamlessly as they are available, so the merchant doesn't need to wait for months to schedule software upgrades typical of other ecommerce solutions.

"Since making the switch to GoECart, our conversion rate has increased by 21% because we now offer a much better shopping experience to our customers with many of the same features as the big players like In addition to the Custome Skate Builder, we have all of the latest web 2.0 bells and whistles-like Facebook integration, blogs, forums, ratings, reviews, guided navigation, social bookmarks and many more."

- Rick Davis, CEO,

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