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Problem #8: I don't have the visibility to all key metrics needed to make intelligent and timely business decisions.

Sadly, many retailers today have to rely on drawing and compiling mission critical information about their business from multiple systems using a variety of legacy tools and operations. These tools run the gamut from specialized reporting tools to complex web analytics packages to spreadsheet software add-ons , etc.. This makes it hard for merchants to get an accurate picture of their business.

GoECart's robust reporting capabilities are built-in natively within the application so our merchants always have access to all the vital statistics and key performance indicators (KPIs) across all channels about their business at their fingertips.

GoECart's reporting capabilities go way beyond the basics to provide merchants with an intelligent, 360-degree view of their business. Highlights of these features include:

  • Interactive graphical dashboards and drill-down reports on demand-about orders, inventory, customers, vendors, profitability, and website traffic. Merchants can view top customers, customers by geography, sales by geography, average order value (AOV), top search terms, repeat orders, orders by status, orders by vendor, and much more.
  • Reports to help you understand customers and potential customers in depth, such as the ways visitors navigate your site-complete click stream analyses such as entry pages, exit pages, search terms used, and more.
  • The ability to track the number of unique, new, and repeated visitors.
  • The ability to view reports for specific timeframes-including day, week, month, quarter, and year and compare them to other time periods.
  • Data to help you better optimize your marketing, merchandising, procurement, search engine optimization (SEO) and promotional campaigns.
  • The ability to track and optimize shopping cart abandonment rates.

With GoECart, you will never feel like you are flying blind. We provide a variety of advanced third-party web analytics options (e.g., Google Analytics, Omniture, etc.) for merchants who want to drill down even deeper.

"GoECart has everything that an SMB retailer needs. Our migration process from NetSuite to GoECart was smooth and hassle free. It is a very easy and flexible system to use and their Customer Support is terrific!"

- Richie OBrien, Vice President,

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