Multi-Channel Retailing Using a Unified Commerce platform in a constantly evolving omni-channel retail environment.

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Rise of Online Marketplaces Presents New Opportunities

The explosion of retail channels has made one thing crystal clear: new channels will appear and they will bring great revenue opportunities for your business. When a channel opens for your company, you must be ready to maximize your opportunities in that space immediately. Your software should not be a roadblock to unified commerce: The only new channel issues you should encounter are strategic ones: such as what data to display where, in what form. Just look at what a game changer the rise of online marketplaces has been, and imagine if you had been operating on a unified omni-channel ecommerce platform when this opportunity first began to drive revenue.

The Proper Way to Answer the Call for Unified Commerce

Different sales channels such as online marketplaces and POS are no longer standalone operations, they have to interact your website, and your company needs a single view of the customer across those channels. Some choose to purchase a storefront only best-of-breed solution, while other companies opt for a unified commerce platform, with a full-featured storefront and a full-featured back office; this is what GoECart provides. The reality is that some SMBs are attempting to conduct multi-channel retailing without connection to back office like inventory management and order management. Others are attempting unified commerce with some of the stripped-down functionality available in some of the ecommerce platforms.

Here’s What GoECart Customers Know

Even though it’s commonly referred to as an ecommerce platform, the needs of a multi-channel retail merchant have evolved far beyond a storefront. And some SMBs commonly confuse ecommerce platforms for storefront technology only. GoECart 360 customers are automatically invested in customer experience technologies, which are all the customer-facing tools and features like site search, rich transactional email, content management, the ability to marry content and commerce so you can tell a good story as opposed to just dumping products in front of customers. With GoECart, feature-rich unified commerce across channels is coupled with back office functionality like order management, inventory management, and fulfillment.

What You Need To Conduct Truly Unified Commerce

Today’s business needs a Web-based unified ecommerce platform that combines mobile-optimized ecommerce storefront technology with enterprise-class order management and inventory management, fulfillment and warehouse management, customer relationship management (CRM), Point of Sale capabilities and much more. The market for unified commerce and omni-channel retail continues to grow at double-digit rates and merchants must have the proper technology in place to enable success.