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GoECart's Food and Beverage Industry Ecommerce Platform Really Satisfies

According to a recent report from Business Insider, the $600 billion dollar a year Food and Beverage industry is the largest retail category in the U.S. by a wide margin, and another study from research portal Statista shows growth of Food and Beverage online commerce sales alone more than doubling from $5.3 billion in 2012 to a projected $10.9 billion in 2018

GoECart offers an abundance of features to help Food and Beverage merchants seize this massive opportunity and satisfy even the most voracious appetite for everything ecommerce. GoECart offers features that truly are unique to the industry-empowering Food and Beverage merchants with a truly differentiated customer experience.

Food and Beverage Ecommerce Platform Highlights:

  • Mobile Optimized Ecommerce - GoECart's highly intuitive mobile commerce user experience was designed from the bottom up to help ensure conversations. This is good news for Food and Beverage retailers, since half of online retail traffic now originates from mobile devices.
  • Flexible Kit, Bundle, and Gift Basket Options - Merchants can choose to assemble multiple products into kits/bundles/baskets and offer them as unique entities for sale as a part of a package or individually (for example, wine, cheese, and chocolates could be offered as part of a single gift basket or a la carte as separate items on the site).
  • One-Page Bulk Order Upload - A spreadsheet option allows for the upload of orders in bulk-merchants can upload a single spreadsheet with hundreds of line items and addresses in record time, minimizing errors and inconsistencies.
  • Advanced Multi-Destination Ordering - Multi-destination ordering facilitates placement of large orders to multiple locations on specific delivery dates. This can be a boon for a customer wanting to send a box of chocolates to multiple friends as a gift or for a company wanting to order supplies for all its franchise locations quickly with a single payment transaction.
  • Robust Support for Perishable Goods - For retailers who offer perishable items, GoECart provides the flexibility to the account for items that can only stay in transit for X number of days. The fulfillment system intelligently suggests the best shipping options by examining the date and time of delivery and stock across multiple warehouses.
  • Branded Delivery Email Confirmation - Confirmation emails can be customized with the merchants brand and sent from the merchant rather than the shipping carrier. Customers can see exactly when their package was delivered, who signed for it, and where it was left.
  • Personalized & Automated Abandoned Cart Reminder Emails - Three different email formats can be customized and triggers set to send the reminder minutes, hours, or days after an abandonment occurs. Incentive discounts can be included along with the email to entice customers back to the site.
  • Intelligent Calendar Picker for Delivery - Customers select delivery dates from a pre-populated calendar with "auto-sensing" technology that shows what dates are available. The system computes the cut off time and delivery date so that the order reaches the customer when expected.
  • Address Verification with Auto-Correction - Residential and commercial shipping addresses are automatically verified by the system.
  • Enhanced Gifting Functionality - Online shoppers can opt to send an order as a gift and include a gift note and even gift wrap with their purchase. Stock sample messages for many occasions make it easy for customers to add a meaningful gift message.
  • Advanced Back-Office Fulfillment - The suite provides outstanding filtering and sorting capabilities to aid fulfillment. This is critical to reduce overhead and optimize time to meet next day and same day shipping cut-offs.

Case Study

Since implementing GoECart's ecommerce platform, Texas-based food and beverage retailer Goode Company has seen their ecommerce conversion rates skyrocket. Revenues are up 12.5 percent over last year, GoECart's improved back office functionality increased productivity by 50 percent, the company took more orders during the 2014 holiday season with just half the staff, and the company's average Order Value (AOV) has climbed 11 percent.

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